For foreign job, how to show that I know the city well with only resume?
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I am applying for a foreign job on LinkedIn. What should I do to show my interest with my familiarity with the city that the job is located? The upload system only asks for a resume so it would be the only shot before an interview where I can express more.

I visit the city quite often because friends are there but I am not local resident. I do wish to move over there one day but my resume is my only shot. I have thought about changing my profile info but I still have to keep my current location info in my profile for other opportunities. Please let me know what you think, thanks!
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Unless the job requires familiarity with the city, I would focus on familiarity with the job and, if it's a city with a different primary language than yours, the local language.
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If your resume has an Objective section, can you make it reference your desire to "return to $Place" or "live in $Place full-time" in addition to describing your professional aspirations? Those phrases, unlike "relocate to," imply familiarity.
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If the job is "City X tour guide", then it's fair game to list "Have spent lots of time in City X and know its streets and people well" on your resume.

If not, I'd put something in the cover letter like "I've spent lots of time in City X and am looking forward to a chance to live there full time."

I know they only ask for a resume, but I don't think a 2-page PDF with cover letter and resume would do any harm, in fact it would probably help.
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