Do you have a favourite cocktail recipe app for iPhone?
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A good website might also work. Just looking for ways to keep myself entertained while stuck inside.
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Well, this just got posted to Projects yesterday...
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Yes, absolutely. This suite of apps allows you to input your entire bar inventory and then lets you know what you can make. If you are newer to cocktails, I'd suggest starting with this one. If you're more advanced, this one is a good choice. They might seem pricey, but they are very high quality and worth every penny.
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Nthing the recommendation for the MixologyTech apps (full disclosure: the creator is a good friend, as are many of those whose cocktails are featured). But really these are the best & I don't there is particularly any competition.
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Uh, thirded? We get heavy use out of Martin's Index and respectable use out of Beachbum Berry's Total Tiki. I don't even have the Modern Classics or PDT apps, but I'll admit that circumstances are currently such that I'm thinking about adding them now. Filling out your on-hand data is a bit of a project, but it's shared between apps so you only have to do it once. Then you can filter by "drinks you can make" and see substitution suggestions for some missing ingredients.
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OK, thanks everyone, that seems like a consensus. I was a bit put off by the price, but if it’s worth it then fair enough. It’s good to know they share data as well.
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I'm very happy with Mixel. You can buy different 'packs' of recipes, or all/future packs for a price. I unlocked everything for $12 a couple years ago. They may have raised their price since then, I'm not sure.
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Mixel user here—it's got everything you could think of as far as features.
posted by RandyWalker at 3:17 AM on March 25

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