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My office is now entirely work from home and several of us have started doing this word guessing game each day and sharing our score as a way to have a shared experience and stay connected while we're all working remotely. We're looking for a better way to share our scores.

Our office uses Microsoft Teams and our scores are getting lost in the thread. I'm wondering if anyone has a good idea for how to share/track our scores? We could use a Google sheet, but I was wondering if anyone new of a Teams app or simpler score tracker that would be good for this sort of use?
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Teamup is a shared calendar, but I don't know how many employees could fit their score into a calendar date simultaneously
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Best answer: Are you wanting to track scores over time or just within the day? If each person on the team adds the same tag to their name, you can search and track within the score list itself. There is a regular group from ravelry that adds the letters LSG to their names so we can see each other's scores.
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