Ways to keep up connection in an LDR in the time of COVID-19
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I want some things that my partner and I can do over the internet, video chat, or phone that will help us have fun and stay more connected. Some extra difficulty in that she is overseas with a 12-hour time difference.

Some things we've already done are watching TV together and trying to draw each other. The first one is good but getting a little old, so more variety would be nice. The second one was hilarious but the well's run a little dry on that.

I'd prefer things that don't need more than a video chat or phone connection, so something like playing a video game together is not really what I'm looking for unless it can accommodate asynchronous play and/or unstable connections. Playing something that runs on a website is fine, like chess or scrabble or something.

Some ideas that I've already found from this previously that I like:
-Board/card games on a common website
-Board/card games where we each have a physical copy in front of us
-Reading club, on recent articles, books, the news
-Learning a language together
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More ideas:
- listen to a guided meditation together
- watching a zoo livestream together
- some variation of exquisite corpse (apologies for the death reference given these pandemic times)
- put together lists of people you'd like to send mail to, then write cards together while chatting on screen (I like to thank my local Planned Parenthood and animal shelter; ymmv)
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