Music app for Android-- listen and import ripped MP3 files?
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I have a lot of great music on CDs, and I want to listen to it on my phone. What is a good app for an Android phone? Both for listening, managing the music, and importing the MP3 files from a computer? I have a Google Pixel 3 phone.

So far I have just been using Youtube Listen, and Pandora, but I am increasingly unhappy with their choice of music for me and their seemingly decreasing number of songs. I want to listen to my music that I have been collecting for 30 years. Some of it I have already ripped from the CDs, and some I will rip if I can find a good app to manage the files and listen to it on my phone.

Android OS, Pixel 3 phone. Don't care at all about streaming music. I want to listen to my own music, stored offline on my own phone. Can you even do this today? Thank you for any help and advice you can give.
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Rocket Music Player works for me. I don't do cloud music
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PowerAmp has been my player for a long time. It only has custom playlists you can import/export rather than any more-fancy tagged lists or rule-derived playlists.

Can you even do this today? I buy handsets specifically for their micro-SD card expansion and have jumped from 64 GB to 400GB in the last year -- causing a problem in itself because ideally I'd play songs on shuffle within an album that's been randomly-selected from the albums with the lowest play count. I get by without the playcount thing (i.e. I can't listen to everything evenly).

My workflow is to have the CD's ripped and at rest with good metadata on a computer before dropping them onto a folder on the phone. My ripping programs have varied over the years but the same Title Artist main folder / Recording Name subfolder structure has been enough along with player using the tags embedded in the files themselves.
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You can rip the CDs with one of many programs out there — I think I used CDBurnerXP or something last I did it. With a little finagling you should be able to pop them out into MP3 or MP4 format pretty easily.

After that, PowerAmp is a good option, but even as an offline person I would suggest using Google Music. It's basically a free online backup of your own files (up to 20,000 I think) that you can access from anywhere if you want or store offline on your phone album by album or playlist by playlist. It's really very convenient and I'm not a streaming type person at all.
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If you are pushing music from a Windows computer to any phone, I recommend MediaMonkey, which you install on the computer and not the phone. I can't be sure it rips CDs and I don't have an Android app suggestion to play the music, though. Make sure the Media Type on the mp3 file is set to Music, which you can do inside MediaMonkey.
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If you organize your music collection manually, I can't think of anything better than VLC.
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I use Pulsar Music Player. It was the first one I found that made it easy to do the directories of files sort of thing.
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I recommend either Poweramp or Pulsar as well. I have a 128 microSD card on my phone, a Sony, but I don't think the Pixel has a microSD slot. I use MusicBee, a Windows program, to manage my music and then sync it with the phone.
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My favorite Android music player is Music Folder Player because it of how it handles the way I've been curating my music collection for 25 years. I organize them as folders. Genre \ artist \ album \ (bunch of mp3 files with the leading-zero track number and songname). That's how I've always organized my tunes on my various PCs over the years.

All I do to change what tunes are on my phone is connect it to a PC, enable file transfer on the phone, then open Windows Explorer. Then I can delete files from and copy files to the phone's Music folder.

When I open up Music Folder Player later on the phone, I just go pick whatever album I want to listen to but navigating through my folder tree. If I start in on track 01 in an album folder, it plays the whole album.

If you're familiar with how WinAmp worked with folders on PC, Music Folder Player is similar. I used the free version for a while and eventually upgraded to the premium version and have no regrets.
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Thank you for all of the advice! I am continually surprised by the intelligence and goodwill of most Mefites. You have given me a lot to think about and experiment with. I am going to try a few different recommendations (maybe all of them) and I'll report back which one worked out best for me.
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