Strategies for how to help my neighbours
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I live in Cape Town, South Africa and we're just starting to feel the impact of the Covid 19 lockdown. What are some strategies for how my group of neighbours can help one another? I'm looking for practical suggestions e.g. how to deal with payments for communal grocery shopping etc. so one person can maybe get basic items for a number of households.

We're in a security complex of about 60 houses. Many families are quite poor. We have a Whatsapp group that many but not all people have access too (used up to now primarily to complain about noisy teens).
I'm trying to find out about local organisations that might already be offering the kind of services people will need (food drop off, for example) but so far I've not found much yet.
Some things I thought about : Encourage everyone to check which of their neighbours are particularly at risk, for example pensioners who don't have family supporting them, people with serious medical conditions etc.
Maybe try to coordinate shopping expeditions so that one person can buy basics for a couple of house holds. Not sure how payment will work? I want to help people, but I don't want to get into a vague who owes what to who situation.
Most people seem to have access to smart phones, but my impression is that most are also not particularly tech literate so any solutions that need extra apps etc probably won't work.
We have a group of "trustees" who run the complex. I'm going to approach them to see if any of them are willing to coordinate things but honestly, I don't have very high hopes that they will.
Any practical tips on how to approach this?
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Do any of your local supermarkets offer a click and collect type of service? Our local Tesco allows you to add a comment stating the name of who will be picking up the order. One person can go collect several orders, and the payments are all between the customer and the supermarket. It's not perfect, since it only works for those who are comfortable enough with technology to place an online order, and there's a risk of the supermarket making a poor substitution, but it does take the issue of splitting the bill out of the equation.
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Donate blood if you can.
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