I need organization!
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In today's latest "Working from home for a while and need a (blank)" question: help me organize my browser bookmarks!

When I occasionally worked from home, I didn't really need bookmarks - my work and home lives, thankfully, didn't overlap at all (we're a Google shop that does mostly SaaS work, so I just use my home Chromebook when I WFH), so the standard Chrome favorites bar under the search bar worked perfectly.

Now, I'm working from home for the next...yanno, foreverish, and my needs have evolved. I don't want to lose/move any of the bookmarks in my favorites bar, but I have a ton of work bookmarks I want to add to Chrome and have at hand without requiring multiple clicks or having a permanent "bookmarks tab" open to get to them.

So I'm looking for a bookmark manager. I don't need a ton of features - it doesn't need to sync across devices, it doesn't also need to be anything else. My basic use case:

- Essentially, I want a second favorites bar, either living horizontally under the existing one or vertically down either side of the Chrome window
- Able to create folders/groups as well as individual bookmarks (required)
- Always visible (required), but also able to be collapsed (nice to have)

I mean, that's really basically all I need. It needs to be visible and easy to add to. Many of the ones I've seen are waaaaaaay overkill for what I need. I'm willing to pay if I need to, but free is also good.
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Is creating a WORK folder in the Bookmarks Bar folder using Bookmark Manager, and then using the folder as a drop down an option?
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(the sound of a palm slapping a forehead)

Holy crap. I did not realize that was an option, and now that I've played with it a bit it's pretty much exactly what I need. I can live without all of them displaying if one tap gets me into the folder with all the links in it. Thank you!
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You can even create folders within these folders for more organization options.
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