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IN PENNSYLVANIA, on unemployment forms, is "Employer UC account #" the same as either the EIN or "Employer's state ID number" that are listed on my W-2? Listing it in my unemployment application is optional but I would rather include it if I can do so accurately, because it will speed processing. No one at my job will be useful in answering this.
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Response by poster: I ended up submitting my application without filling out this question (since it is optional, and I was worried the system might time out on me, and I decided it would be better to submit my application sooner rather than later), but if anyone has a definite answer, it would probably be useful to other people in the coming days and weeks.
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Best answer: I just looked up my company's PA IDs to extra confirm. State income tax ID is different from the state unemployment insurance ID, is different from the Federal EIN on your W-2. They're all different. On top of that PA has a ton of local tax IDs which, again, are all different and can suck all my balls.

I don't know of any way (not that it doesn't exist, but) for you to get this information yourself without help from your previous employer, and for what it's worth no one else at my company of almost 600 people would know where to find it except me.

Sorry you're dealing with this crap :(
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Response by poster: Thank you for looking that up!!! At least that makes me feel better about having hit send instead of googling more/waiting/etc. (As far as I can tell there is no way to save or update an application for unemployment in the PA unemployment system, whee.)
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