Podcast app for Android that can create a playlist from a search?
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I just switched from iOS to Android and I am now looking for this specific feature from a podcast app: I want to search a podcast feed for a key word, and then turn the search result into a playlist.

The specific use case is for the Sleep with Me podcast. He has themed episodes that all have the same key words in the titles. I want to search for all episodes where the title includes "TNG" and turn that into a playlist. Downcast on iOS could kind of do this, but it isn't available on Android.
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sorry for the late reply! I use the paid version of "podcast addict", (but I'm pretty sure the free version is the same just with ads) and it can definitely kind of do this. you can add like a "search based podcast" of lots of different podcasts from the main screen and I think you could do it that way by including part of the name, or you can search the keyword within the podcast and probably make a playlist that way though it's not immediately apparent to me how.
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