Best online tool for writer's group
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What's the best online tool for a writer's group shifting to online-only meetings?

A local writer's group was just starting up, but for obvious reasons, in-person meetings have ceased. We'd like to shift to online discussions, but none of us have much experience using online tools. Slack? Skype? Discord? What experience do y'all have with using these kinds of tools to facilitate discussions?
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Are you looking for talk-talk conversation only, or text-based chat? What about document sharing?
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Email! Are any members employed by or enrolled in a university? They might be able to create a Majordomo list for free. I'm looking around for hosting in general and they're hard to find, but if typing is OK for your haven of writers ;) it would be a good option to look into. No webcam necessary!

For chat you can create an IRC channel just by connecting to a server, and the software to use IRC is very simple to operate.
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The group-interaction decision process as I see it:
Synchronous vs. Asynchronous? (phone call vs. voice mail, delayed response possible/not possible)
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Clearly I did not think this through enough :).

I think we want text-based chat, some kind of document sharing, and no cost. The goal is to facilitate real-time group discussion.
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Would Slack cover what you need?
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You can get free accounts for Google Drive, which is an easy way to share docs. I'm not sure if there can be group permissions so that the whole group can survive through one location. And then Slack would be a good place to start for chatting.
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I would say zoom, if you are looking to replicate real time face to face meetings
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A discord server might work nicely for this. You can create text channels + voice channels and easily send and receive files.
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