Put on your own oxygen mask first
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On the green I think we're really good at and aware of mental health management, but I realize many of my friends and family are not. Particularly when faced with a new, challenging situation that may be isolating. I want to put together a list of resources and ideas to share with them, can you help?

I'm looking for ideas/options/resources that one can do inside or access online, without any specific purchases.

For example, your favourite meditation app, (still looking for it but) that anxiety checklist, which asks are you hungry/thirsty, lo-fi self care, yoga poses, ways to create community, book suggestions, podcasts, mental health orgs that have covered this. Anything and everything is welcome, global perspectives too - my people are all around the world. Help us help each other!
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there is help: mefi wiki
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I love Insight Timer (app) for its wide variety of meditations + really simple meditation timer. I use the free version, but there are subscriptions as well.

A more involved option: consider getting trained in mental health first aid (Link to the American site, but there are others internationally).
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The Self Care Starter Kit from the University of Buffalo School of Social Work is amaaaazing! It's not just for social workers- I've adapted it for friends, family, and clients.
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Psychology Today has published an Anxiety in Anxious Times collection.

Several recent related AskMes are linked on the MeFi Wiki Disaster Planning & Recovery page, in the Medical/Pandemic section: Anybody have any tips on dealing with coronavirus anxiety? (I'm just really upset about it all.), Coronavirus - I'm too anxious, right? (what can I do to manage my anxiety around this?), I can't look at the news anymore. What are some alternative websites? (I've been obsessing over coronavirus updates and I have to stop.), and there is also a section for Medical/Mental Health resources.

And via Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH (via The Harvard Chan School of Public Health)
The CDC offers tips and resources to reduce this burden, and other resources offer strategies to cope with the added stress during this time.
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* fyi, the AskMes listed above are now located in the Medical/Mental Health section, due to some reorganization to help improve accessibility as the volume of information increases on the wiki
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