Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac APA level heading style 3 questions
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Microsoft Word 2016 for Mac is giving me fits for making an APA level heading style 3. I cannot seem to find a tutorial that accurately depicts how to change the style in the beginning of the paragraph.

Every tutorial seems to be not 2016 Mac version specific and therefore suggests buttons that don't exist or don't do the same thing.

The only tutorial I can find that is for the right format suggest making default styles which I have tried over and over, but I can't seem to save over the default options.

Of course this is me at edit 5,000,000 on my dissertation and I'm just so done. Thanks in advance.
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You can check to see how this template does it, and either replicate it in your file, or copy styles between the documents.
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Apparently level 3 in the above template == Font: (Default) +Headings (Times New Roman), Bold, Keep with next, Keep lines together, Level 3, Style: Linked, Hide until used, Show in the Styles gallery, Priority: 5
Based on: Normal
Following style: Normal

In addition, if you go to the modify styles section of this page, in step 2 of "modify styles" there's a format button in the lower left hand corner. If you click on this button, select paragraph from the drop down menu. The paragraph box has most of the less obvious components of level 3.

(1) intents and spacing tab -> first line -> indent .5
(2) line and page breaks tab -> pagination -> Keep with next, Keep lines together
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