Online learning, 101-level weird stuff?
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What are your favorite 101-level online learning resources intros for odd hobbies/interests/etc?

I'm stuck at home for a while after traveling through some busy airports, so I figure maybe I can learn some weird new hobby or craft or something. Websites, youtube channels, etc. Some examples might be the series of videos linked from the autodesk website to learn Fusion360, or a web site with instructions on how to knit socks or whittle pens or something. Whatcha got, MeFites? (this question from 2006 might provide some inspiration for what I might want to learn.)
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I always recommend Winwick Mum's Sockalong for anyone who is thinking about learning to knit socks. She breaks it down very well and shows each part on different method of sock knitting (DPN, magic loop, small circ).
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I've bought a bunch of tutorials from My interest is graphics programs, but looking at the catalog, it seems like they offer lessons on almost anything you can think of. BUT......never pay full price for a tutorial. They regularly have sales where the prices go down to $11-$19 each. If they are not having a sale the day you look, come back in a couple of days and they probably will.
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I love this lady's youtube channel on woodworking. The product she works on are nice, but so is the filming and editing. Make hands dirty.
And i don't even own a garden, but i love watching this channel on regenerative agriculture.
And of course Liziqi, the chinese queen of all things handmade, mostly food from scratch, but also household items. Again, lovely filming here.
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If you have a needle and thread at home, you can learn some basic hand stitches for historical sewing with Bernadette Banner. Once you feel more comfortable, you can try sewing a strong seam by hand.

You can also get started on some basic Russian with this website. You can get some examples of handwritten Russian, which is always fun to confuse people who don't read Cyrillic with.
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Anyone can learn to draw. It's not some magical talent a few people are born with. It's a skill you can train. We can help.

Drawabox is a set of free exercise-based lessons that focus on the fundamentals - the skills you'll need to make sense of all the other resources and tutorials out there. First we focus on the basic mechanics of mark making, and how to use your arm. By the end, we develop a strong understanding of form, 3D space and construction.

I won't lie to you - our approach is tough and involves a lot of hard work. It's also structured and gives you a clear path with concise explanations and assignments you can complete and submit for review.
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