What color should this room be painted
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Details and photos below the fold.

This living room has wainscoting, wood paneling and ceiling beams. There is also a colorful rug to consider. Looking for neutral tones above the wainscoting, nothing bright. The adjacent dining room (left side of photo) is pale green, so green is out. Wainscoting will be white but which white (maybe a creamy white tone?). Ceiling beams will match the wall color and the ceiling will be white (or vice versa?).
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Picture requires a password.
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No password needed now.
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What direction is the sun coming in from that window?
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Windows are on the east side
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You should take one of the colors from the rug. My instinct would be to choose the red (I know it's radical), and then go with a bright white for the wainscoting and the ceiling and beams. The red is wild, but there will be much more white. You could also go opposite, which is how my very similar living room is: I have red wainscoting, beams, doors and windows and then white ceiling and walls. I've never met anyone who wasn't impressed. The trick is that the red is very earthy, like a brick red. And then I have art and textiles to match.
The blue from the rug would also be absolutely beautiful, very, very elegant. Again with a very bright white for the other details. With the blue, I'd think about incorporating some gold or metal details. It could be a thin bronze rod separating the wainscoting from the wall, or gold leaf or wallpaper on the ceiling between the beams.
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I think the cornflower blue color from the rug would be gorgeous with the white.
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I would personally keep it all white. I like how it looks now. That rug is such a strong presence that I wouldn't bring in any other colors.
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I like dusty rose to match the flowers in the rug. I think I would do rose wainscoting and beams and then a soft cream color (something that looks gorgeous and golden in the evening light, if you can paint a sample swatch) for the upper walls and ceiling.
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I agree with mumimor - definitely red.
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Match the cream colour of the rug. Any insets are eggshell, all beams etc. are satin or semi-gloss. Monochromatic, like it is now.
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I'm seeing a blue wall in the next room in the "living room" photo. Don't make it look like you ran out of paint and got the wrong color to finish the job.
I agree with pulling colors from the rug --
a) White walls (same tones as the rug) and an duller/darker version of the dusty rose on the woodwork.
b) Wedgewood blue walls (same tones as the rug) and white on the woodwork.
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