Singing together during social distancing?
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How do I fulfill my love of singing in big groups during coronavirus times?

I love singing in big groups. That's not a good idea right now, obviously. Are there any apps/services that enable people to sing together online (either by video or only by audio), in a way that overcomes data latency? I don't really want it to involve hearing my voice all by itself--that's why I like singing in larger groups! :)

Or, would organizing a group of a dozen or so people to go to a park (via bike or personal car, not public transit) at a particular time to sing while maintaining a 10' distance between everyone be an OK thing to do given current understanding of how the virus spreads?

I'm sure there are other singing groups and singers out there trying to work through similar questions, so please feel free to point me at evolving discussions.
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ChoirChoirChoir is doing a thing tmr.
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Folks in Italy singing together from their balconies is one example ... could work if you have a balcony and musical neighbors
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I don't know about large groups, but I've heard of some folkie friends meeting up outside to stand a couple meters away and harmonize for a while.
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How about an asynchronous Online choir performance? virtual choir yields a lot of google results. CUNY link To something that is theoretically happening now, If everything isn’t shut down.
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If you can take some delayed gratification, record yourself singing this while listening to this with headphones, and upload the results to this Google Drive folder.
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