Favorite workout routines at home
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Hi! What are your favorite ways for getting exercise at home, preferably with minimal equipment, and preferably suitable for a small apartment? Also open to any videos you can follow along with as you work out. Thanks for your tips!
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Yoga With Adriene is free on YouTube, with several different 30-day courses. available.

Shovelglove is also well-suited for a small space with minimal equipment.

There's a lot you can do with a couple of adjustable dumbbells and a selection of weight plates.
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Shovelglove is based on mimicking lots of common labors using a sledgehammer. Definitely works in small rooms. I like it because you can work a lot of core muscles while also training dexterity and cardio. Other related suggestions are kettlebell and medicine ball, but I find shovelglove more fun and versatile while also being less expensive.
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I dig the 7 minute workout as a quick way to break a sweat. While it's likely too short to constitute a full workout, you can always repeat as necessary, or use it as a quick excuse to step away from your computer.
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You may want to check out this recent Ask.
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Fitness Blender has my favorite video workouts. They're on YouTube, lots of no-equipment cardio and HIIT workouts.
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Seconding Yoga with Adriene! She’s great!
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Downdog app (and similar features on website) are free right now. I have only used the barre ‘channel’ but there’s also yoga, HIIT, 7 min workout, etc.
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+ Yoga with Adriene and Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender also has a really positive online community that's a bright spot on the internet right now, frankly.
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KaisaFit on instagram posts body weight workouts on her insta almost everyday. she often makes use of things like a towel, a book, an overturned cooking pot, etc.

Plus she's a cheerful encourager and I feel she's talking to me when she says "great job team! you got this!"
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Do not judge me but I love the short Passion4Profession workouts like this one. It's like being taught by a robot.

They have ones without music too.
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ehabymelt: Basic Exercises for Hands pt 1, pt 2, pt 3. How to "Floreo" (hands movement).
Other dances and tutorials on her channel.
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The VFit Studio does tons of different cardio, strength, yoga, etc. classes via Zoom meetings and is making all of their classes free until mid-April. MeMail me if you have more questions, I found their signup process a little confusing but once I actually figured it out I am loving the classes.
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Guardian ran a ten best home workouts this very morning.
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I downloaded the Johnson & Johnson HIIT app yesterday to take the place of my now closed gym. Corporate sponsorship means you aren't barrages with pitches to upgrade while using the app.
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Darebee and the Nike Training Club app are my go-tos.
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I use the book Body By You which is the women's oriented version of You Are Your Own Gym. Bodyweight exercises you can do easily at home with no special equipment.
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I like FitnessType on youtube.
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downdogapp has made their content free until April 1. They have customizable yoga routines (length, level, warmup / no warmup, focus area, voice, music, etc.), but I think there's a constellation of apps, others of which offer HIIT workouts and such.

I personally have a 25 and 15kg kettlebell, which are a good amount of resistance for me. This gets me routines like:

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 3x each line
Romanian deadlift (25kg), single leg deadlift (15kg)
Kettlebell swing (15kb), squats (25kg)
Bent-over rows (15kb), plank (no weight)
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If you like flow/power yoga, I like:

Lesley Fightmaster
Heart Alchemy Yoga
Five Parks Yoga

Most of those have videos that are flow style, with a cardio element, and are relatively challenging- recommended for those who are at least advanced beginner. But all good quality channels that I use almost daily.
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this lady has a lot of cool workouts.
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