Road trip advice, snow edition (PDX to Minneapolis)
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I'm immunocompromised and have an important doctor's appointment in Minneapolis next week, so I'm driving there from Portland, Oregon. What kinds of snow conditions can I expect if I follow this route? Mainly: I-82 and 395 through eastern Washington, and I-90 through Montana, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

I will have a 4WD vehicle and a driver who's very accustomed to snow driving, but probably not snow tires.

Answers for segments of this route appreciated; I don't expect anyone to know the whole stretch. :)

Also, if you think there's an alternate route that's less risky, please let me know.
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I don't know that route at all, but I do know that a big storm is forecasted to cover SD and MN starting Thursday/Friday of this week. I'd keep an eye on this, or leave sooner if you are able. Safe travels.
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More info: my appointment is on the afternoon of the 24th so we're planning to leave Portland this Friday, the 20th.
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Looking at mcgsa's map, you may miss the majority of the snow if you take I-94 (splits from I-90 around Billings and takes a more northern route, may add a couple hours to the trip), but you're likely to hit snow in the Mpls/StPaul area regardless.
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Point of clarification: Your post says 'I-90' but your linked map shows you taking the northerly I-94 route.
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Oops, you're right hydra77; I meant this route.
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Anecdotally, we drove across the country from Portland in the last week of March a few years ago, and had planned to take I-80 (which is to the south of your proposed route) because it looked like a better bet, and no snow in the forecast, but we got stuck in Wyoming for two days (it was March 23, I remember because it was my husband's birthday) because the interstate across the entire state of Nebraska was shut down due to ice.
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Apologies if you've already done this, but have you contacted your doctor's office to find out what they want you to do?
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