What to do during social isolation w/ neck/shoulder issues?
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I'm looking for things to do during coronavirus social isolation, but the problem is that I have neck/shoulder issues so I cannot do activities involving a lot of screen time and I can't read physical books. I can do some cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc. but not a lot. I can't do things requiring manual dexterity like handwriting, drawing, or knitting. Right now my best bets are podcasts, audiobooks, radio, music, talking on the phone, walking outside, and meditation. Any other ideas for things I can do?
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Some board games
Research online (ancestry etc)
Chair yoga
posted by crunchy potato at 9:56 AM on March 16

A morning yoga practice and midday or evening strength/cardio workout could fill a good two+ hours of each day. Physiotherapy exercises for your neck and shoulder seem like a good starting point.
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Video chats with others -- you can set the device down and move around as needed. I've been reading a book aloud to a friend via Facetime.

If you like poetry, there's lots of audio on the American Academy of Poets website.
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Do you have any desire to learn a new language? I've enjoyed Pimsleur in the past, and then you could extend your efforts with a supporting podcast or other affiliated online material.
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