Seeking whitefish and pike
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My parents may cancel their Passover seder this year, so I'm trying to source fish for homemade gefilte fish or actually good premade gefilte fish. I'm looking for online leads and leads in northern Massachusetts/southern New Hampshire. Help?

I don't want to buy the premade jarred gefilte fish from the grocery store; first comes to worse I'll mail order the good premade kind.

Suggestions for other fish substitutions are also welcome as long as you're Jewish and/or familiar with gefilte fish.
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Walleye or rainbow trout + pollock or haddock or cod works. Salmon doesn't, at all. One flavorful lake fish + any bland white fish works well. Says this Jewish girl who made grandma's gefilte fish for seder for years in New Hampshire. I never could find pike for sale out there. (They call it pickerel, but even so.)
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One year we did spring for having it shipped from here. Pricey but good fish.
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I like the salmon gefilte fish zabar's has had in past years.
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