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I found this wonderful shirt with all of its tags and labels removed. It's dark heather gray stretchy fleece with light gray non-fleece trim, and seems to have been intentionally designed without buttons despite the buttonholes. What is it, who made it, and how can I get more?

I bought it at a multibrand outlet/clearance/defective-item type store, so it should be fairly recent and findable.
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Just a thought: if you got it at a defective item type store, it's entirely probable that it is supposed to have buttons and the reason it was at the defective item store is because it ended up at one of the retail locations without buttons and got sent on.
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I couldn't find that specific shirt, but it looks like that sort of collar is sometimes called a "johnny collar" (example here.)
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Does it have any remnants of any of the labels left? An indication of the color/size/location of the labels could be a clue.

Cooker girl makes a very good point. Also things at those stores could be from brands that are very small or now defunct, in which case they may not have an internet presence.

It's almost a "johnny collar" except that it has no collar! It's more like a henley, with a wide placket opening and a neckline finished with a rib knit binding. The sleeve cuffs seem to be made with the same rib knit.
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Here's some pictures of the back of the shirt, inside out, featuring one tiny 'size S/Made in USA' tag. No other threads or holes in the fabric to show where other tags might have been.
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Hmmm, unfortunately that's a pretty generic label, as you can probably guess. The "Made in USA" is interesting, though, since not much apparel is being made here anymore. Also interesting that there's no evidence it ever had a brand or fiber content label, which are required by law. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a sample of some kind, maybe you have the only one ever made!

The scenario could be something like this: Brand has samples made at a sample house in L.A. but they don't have the right buttons or labels available yet. Brand plans to send the samples to a factory overseas with notes (For production add buttons here, add brand label at back neck, the mill can't produce this gray fleece anymore so use this purple fleece instead, etc.). Then that style gets dropped from the line or Brand goes out of business before they make any of these shirts for sale. Brand or sample house or someone trying to recoup their costs sells a bunch of samples, they make their way to the outlet store, and that's where you come in.

That could be completely wrong, and of course doesn't help you find more, it's just to illustrate why it might be hard to find online. It might even be easier to find someone (Etsy seller? local tailoring shop?) that could duplicate it for you. It's a fairly simple shirt if you have the right machines for the buttonholes and coverstitch neck binding.
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