Bikes, scooters, and rollerblades in the time of coronavirus
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How are you planning on transporting yourself if you live in a big city, do not have a car, and usually rely on public transportation? Also, should I (NYC) buy a scooter?

I am broadly curious, so please share ideas regardless of which city you are in. I am also wondering if you think the subway-- now basically empty-- will actually be safer? Walking works, too, of course.
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Mostly still bus, though I commute a little later than the main rush hour. Sitting as far away from people as I can and no more eating snacks on the bus with my filthy handrail-smeared hands!

Contemplating the bike, but it's far enough it's not an easy ride to start as my only commute method when out of practice (9 miles each way) but would no doubt do me the power of good. Have got a bit of a (non-CV) cold so that'll have to wait a bit anyway.
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I have a bike. (NYC)
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Going for my first trip by bike in a few minutes. NYC.

Won't buy a new metrocard when this one expires. The coronavirus has flipped my previous logic: now I appreciate that paying per swipe makes me think about every trip.
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I still take the bus. I live in a smaller city, so while I can't mantain 6 ft, I'm not on top of anybody either (always sitting room) I just try to be more conscious, I avoid holding on to poles, or touching the machine to read my card to support myself. I also carry hand sanitizer just for bus purposes where obviously washing my hands isn't possible.
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Look seriously at e-bikes!
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Do you mean e-bike like an electric bike or like citibike/bike rental etc? Becauae don't do that one...rental bikes are a disease vector.
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I usually ride my bike whenever possible, and even more so now. It's fortuitous that the weather has been mostly great for cycling in NYC.

If you get an e-bike and ride in bike lanes (or if you're a cyclist generally going faster than other cyclists in a bike lane) please let others know when you're going to overtake them. And please don't go in the wrong direction - bike lanes are meant for going the direction the street goes, unless otherwise indicated. I would also gently suggest that Vespa-style scooters are usually not ok for bike lanes since they tend to be much bulkier and faster than bikes. And a tip if you're new to cycling in NYC: avoid the Brooklyn Bridge, as a lot of pedestrians spill over into the rather narrow bike lane.

I don't think the subway is a huge risk if you can avoid close proximity to other people (not riding at rush hour, mainly) and if you can avoid touching anything with your hands. Use contactless payment if possible.
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Usually walking, but also biking when I'm in a hurry. I would get a bike over a scooter. When I lived in NYC I got a beaten-up old cruiser on Craigslist for less than $100 and went everywhere on it.
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