Inclusive platform for managing community aid during the pandemic?
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A friend has asked me for help with setting up an emergency platform for their neighbourhood group during these times of Coronavirus. They live semi rurally (outskirts of an Australian town, population ~7000) and are looking to set up a simple, effective system for mutual aid. Original request after the fold.

"Hi all,

Quick note to see if people think we should initiate anything (a whatsapp group, a phone tree) to support anyone who goes in to quarantine - with food drops, dog walks or kids toy swaps etc? We could do a letterbox drop and have a centralised phone number or some other system to kick this off.

Any thoughts - particularly on easy to take up models for this - would be great. I haven't sent this to email list or facebook group yet, thought would start by asking this group for ideas first.

In solidarity,
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Best answer: A local group uses google sheets for organizing donations to families in need every xmas. It includes the need, the person who signs up to meet that need and their contact info, the date of dropped and notes. People of varying tech familiarity are able to access and use it. Really quick to set up.
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Best answer: People use CaringBridge for coordinating care for serious illnesses. Perhaps you can set up accounts for quarantined people?
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Best answer: I'm thinking of using a Facebook group. You can set up tagging and roles. Facebook isn't ideal in general but their group tech is solid.
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Best answer: I've mostly seen mutual aid organizing via Google docs.
Here's a crowdsourced list of mutual aid groups.
Here's a template (via FB).
Here's one example from Queer Care.
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