Best mid-priced drafting chair for standing desk?
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I’ve seen a few previous questions but they didn’t share all my criteria. I don’t need off-brand $200 chairs from Amazon, but $1000 is too spendy. What chair would you recommend for a standing desk—for about $500? (My needs include a chair with a back and armrests, not a stool. I like mesh.)
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I don't use a drafting chair, but I do have a Steelcase Jack. It's in your price range, and it's available in stool height with arm rests. The main downside is that, unlike the non-stool Jack, you can't get it with the recline feature.
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Madison Seating has several Herman Miller and Steelcase chairs on sale right now, with a 30-day return policy. ("Open box;" MS is not an authorized dealer for either brand.)
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Try lab chairs from industrial suppliers. I got - no-name lab chair that looks like an office chair but goes up to 1.4m and is super comfortable for working at a high table where I sometimes stand. It’s sturdy and easy to clean as well.
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You can get used Aeron drafting chairs for about that. I ordered one on eBay and am very happy with it.
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MS is not an authorized dealer for either brand.

Caveat Emptor: I would definitely research Madison Seating more before buying from them, and decide if their reputation regarding refurbishment and customer service matches up with your tolerance for risk.
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