What baked treat to serve with hot toddies
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What delicious baked treat should we serve tonight with hot toddies?

Friends are coming over after dinner for a hangout on our porch. It's gonna be chilly tonight, so warm is ideal (but not necessary; toddies will carry a lot of that weight), but the real ironclad requirements are A) doesn't require a knife and/or fork to eat and B) goes well with the honey + lemon + whiskey flavor of a traditional hot toddy. It'd also be nice if it all came together in under 2 hours, although I'm not scared of doing something a little on the fussy side. So what should we bake?
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gingerbread or banana bread seem like perfect fits to me.
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Oh yeah banana bread or zuchini bread with pie spices and walnuts. Chocolate chips would work too!
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Pecan shortbread cookies can be dipped into toddies or served alongside. Instead of rolling these into a log and chilling, I press the dough into a parchment-lined pie pan, chill for about 20 mins, then bake for 35 mins. Score the dough when you take it out of the oven (wedges or whatever) and you can cut it easily when it cools completely. These are rich and last a long time.
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My family loves these gingersnaps adapted from Sheila Lukin’s recipe.
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Lemon poppy cake. Bake in a loaf plan and slice or in a muffin tin. Use chamomile tea as the liquid for the glaze on top.
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Sourdough Twists
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Shortbread! Flavor it with ginger, or citrus zest, or black pepper, something that’s not just plain sweet. Maybe replace some of the sugar with brown sugar to go with the whiskey? Or make shortbread sandwich cookies with lemon curd in them?
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Hot toddies might be quite sweet, so lemon squares would be a nice sharp contrast. Salted chocolate chip cookies. Gingerbread with lemon glaze. Fresh oranges to peel and share. Cheese straws.
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Apple hand pies. Flavor the filing with lemon zest.
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cinnamon muffins...coffee cake.
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Seconding gingerbread/ginger cookies and shortbread; I think both would play well with the spice profile of the toddies.
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