Mandatory office fun: online game for ~40 people
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Seeking ideas for a simple game people could play online for a day while working at their desks.

Hi MeFites! Long time no ask.

I work in an office of about 40 people and have been put in charge of mandatory fun: potlucks, scavenger hunts, various distractions about once a month. Seeking ideas for a game people could play on their web browsers for a day in March between rounds of intense work drudgery.

Our office has begun using Excel Online a lot more, and one kernel of an idea I had is a game that harnesses the chaos of having 40 people editing a live spreadsheet. Could be Excel Online, Google Sheets, or any tool that's useable as a canvas for a game. Maybe something inspired by Battleship or Minesweeper or giant tic-tac-toe? Just spitballing here.

Also open to any idea for a fun lowest-common-demoninator online game for an office that size.
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TypeRacer is fun but would be hard to stretch for a full day.
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Best answer: A variant of Bingo in a spreadsheet, one customised to things that happen or events in your workplace? I've used this for day-long seminars (as an aide to paying attention).
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Something like Subterfuge, would be the classic choice for a low-key office game. It's a real time game (so people can play when they have time instead of having to sync up like a turn-based game), but it moves very slowly and is intended to play out over a week. It maxes out at ten simultaneous players, but you could run multiple games in parallel.
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I wonder if you could adapt Twitter vs Zombies to work in the comments/notifications in a shared spreadsheet?
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Broken Picture Phone! I can’t personally vouch for that site, but the game is super fun and doesn’t need technology to work.
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Response by poster: Going with a team version of Fiasco's Bingo idea spread over three days with textfields inside the squares for players to prove how they hit the clue that day. Easily designed, everyone will instantly see how to play. Broken Picturephone also under consideration for a future month because YouTube playthroughs look entertaining. Thanks everybody!
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