Please tell me it's not just crop tops now
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I am looking for some Instagram accounts or blogs (or...Facebook groups? not sure what is out there) to follow for style/outfit inspiration.

I've been a stay at home mom in the suburban midwest US for several years, which means I dress in jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts I got for free from my kid's school, maternity tops I'm still wearing a couple years get the picture. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to start getting a little more intentional about what I wear, coinciding with an upcoming move to another country (the UK), new environment (medium-sized city), and hopefully a return to work in the next couple years. It seems like a great time to update my wardrobe, but I have NO clue what's out there and I'd like to check out some sources to...get inspired!

Ideally I'm looking for accounts that meet many or all of these criteria:
- "real" people (not celebrities or models)
- mid-30's or older
- female-presenting
- living in cities where you have to walk a lot
- practical, down-to-earth style (I know this is subjective, but I mean people who aren't wearing stilettos every day and taking an hour to do their makeup)
- moms who have young kids at home (not vital, but that's the situation I'm in)
- average to plus size (I wear a US size 16-18)

I'd be happy to follow people who post their outfits, accounts that take pictures of other people, hashtags that people use, general this-looks-good advice...but I am really looking for image-focused, easy to read content rather than deep-dives into The Fashion World or anything like that. I'm being vague about the actual "style" I like because, I'm not sure what I like! But hopefully this will help me figure it out.

Does this exist? If so, hook a tired yet optimistic mom up!
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Best answer: Tanesha Awasthi (@girlwithcurves) might be up your alley. She plus-sized, a mom, and posts a variety of types of outfits.
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Hi, I love looking at outfits and have a few favorites to share:

The Sartorialist
Excellent street style blog. IMO the best place to get outfit inspiration. Linked to his archive of women but there's lots of excellent outfits all over the site and instagram.

Studio DIY
One of my favorite bloggers. She's a mom and posts a lot of crafts as well as sharing her wonderful sense of style and some DIY fashion. Linked to the fashion archive on her blog.

Very excellent outfits all over this awesome body-positive mom's insta.

I may not have hit the nail on the head with down-to-earth, but I agree that's subjective.

Have fun!
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Best answer: I like Looks Good from the Back. Marianne seems to be in Knoxville and Adrien is in Richmond, Virgina but I'm not sure what their day to day looks like, but they both dress pretty sensibly. Adrien is in her late forties. They might be a bit on the smaller side of sizes (particularly Marianne, though I'm terrible at judging these things) but post regular round ups of things they love with links to buy them.
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Best answer: I am a mid-thirties American woman with a small child, living in London. You might like The Frugality and Hannah Gale. They both do high street fashion and have toddlers. Lots of relatable content! I love them.
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Fortysomething somewhat urban mom here. Try the website, which is a fashion/shopping blog for moms. Several different women write for the site and all are different shapes/sizes with different mom situations, but they all have instagram accounts so if you liked one woman's style in particular, you could follow her.

It's quite shopping/consumer-oriented (lots of sponsored content from Nordstrom, etc), which may or may not be to your taste but I think it has something of what you are looking for.
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I really like The Vivienne Files for inspiration re: building a wardrobe where all of your clothes go together and complement each other, so you never have to look in the closet and think "I have nothing to wear."

(Also, mom to mom: get rid of those maternity tops. Even if you purchase new tops in those same sizes. Not wearing actual "maternity" clothes was psychologically very healing for me after I had my kid.)
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I like Rebecca at The Vogue Pursuit. She's slim but not thin and the clothes she models are classic, stylish, and very workable in a real life.
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Best answer: Definitely @noelleandfox and @theconstantcloset. There’s one more person I follow that is great but I can’t think of their handle- I’ll do some more digging and post if I find them!
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Seconding themomedit and also Cup Of Jo.
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I took a deep dive a few years ago into travel wardrobe/capsule wardrobe vlogs. These are the ones still on my occasional watch list. Note the age of the vlogs if you are going fashion forward. Even if I do not agree with them, these presenters have a passion for fashion.
These are just one link each. I have fun revisiting their channels and seeing the different approaches.

Justine Leconte officiel: find your style in 6 steps
Miss Louie: closet essentials every woman should own
Lauren Messiah: 11 must have basics every woman should own
Audrey Coyne: update your style in 30 days

40 + Style: a bit frustrating with a sales pitch, but many of the articles are accessible on the home page via the bottom link under “how to dress after 40.”
How to wear vintage over 40 - 5 tips to get you started
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Wears My Money is a great UK-based blog
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I'm a similar size and I love t-shirts from JJill, they are cut well, good fabric, obviously nicer than standard t-shirts. JJill has seasonal sales and an outlet not too far from me. Pants, capris, shorts & skirts come mostly from Goodwill.
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Response by poster: These answers are all great! I'm excited to start shopping...with my eyes :)
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