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After a series of life crisis, I finally have myself pulled back together enough to feel better and want to start learning something again. I know I am no longer able to continue my previous career path, due to my own health and anxiety issues, I would like to learn something new that's creative (and healthy), which I can also apply to future jobs in general.

I am not old but definitely not young anymore so I think I can still pick up a new skill. I have thought about sharing my knowledge but I am not good with public speaking so that might not work out. I go to bookstores and libraries quite often; however, I haven't found any book that really helps yet. Anyone know any online learning resources or any tip to share?
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A lot depends on what skills you’re interested in. The amazing (and free) Khan Academy started with math and science but appears to have branched out to the humanities. It’s the first place I look when I want to study up on something.

However, "creative" means different things to different people. YM may definitely V.
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My go-to would always be a language. Even intermediate skill can open a lot of doors for you.
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Can you share any more about what your interests/existing aptitudes are? There are so many things, from programming to languages to writing/editing to design and so on. If you're not sure yourself, maybe browse Coursera or The Great Courses Plus and see what takes your fancy and just start with something and see if it sticks.
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And in fact, this might be a good time to crack out my perennial Ask recommendation! You could do worse than to take the Coursera MOOC, Learning How to Learn. It's the world's most popular MOOC, and is a charming, interesting, achievable walk through the science and practices behind becoming an effective learner. It's free to take, is so friendly that it would be a great, positive way to dip your toe back into studying and familiarise yourself with how online courses work, and if you're entering a learning phase of your life, will stand you in great stead for whatever comes next.

Let Barb take your hand and lead you into learning! And congratulations at being at this exciting point in your life!
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Maybe Skillshare? A potter whose work I like has a class on there, and I think Neil Gaiman (author) recently did one. Disclosure, I have not done any of the classes.
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I really like CreativeLive! There are over 1500 courses, and their yearly pass sometimes goes on sale for $150, but it is worth it even at $300.
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