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Of late years, I've become so consumed by what's going on south of the border that I am embarrassingly uninformed about what's going on in my own country. I want to correct that. What are the best Canadian/Ontarian/Torontonian political Twitter accounts/Facebook pages? I already follow the worthwhile major Canadian news outlets, and most of my elected leaders/representatives. I'm looking for good politicians, reporters, critics, and lesser known publications to follow. In general, I want social media accounts that will infuse my newsfeed with intelligent, reliable coverage and analysis of Canadian news and politics. What do you suggest?
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May I recommend Jonathan Goldsbie? I remember him as a young civics nerd at the Toronto Public Space Committee years ago. He's now an editor at Canadaland, too. Some snark, but mostly intelligent writing.
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I like Matt Elliott for Toronto City Hall coverage. He's on twitter, and writes for the Star and the CBC, and he also has a weekly newsletter covering City Hall.
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I subscribe to Matt Elliott's City Hall newsletter, and can echo the recommendation above.

Steve Munro has forgotten more about transit in Toronto and Ontario than most people could ever hope to know.

Indigenous Twitter is a helpful and up-to-the minute corrective to the misinformation served up by Canadian media outlets, including the CBC.

A non-exhaustive list:

Hayden King (also, the Yellowhead Institute)

âpihtawikosisân/Chelsea Vowel

Pam Palmater

Russ Diabo

Kim Tallbear

Rick Harp (he also runs Media Indigena, the podcast)

Brock Pitawanakwat

Candis Callison

Ryan McMahon (see also his Thunder Bay podcast via Canadaland)

Far right coverage/exposés (if Canadian Nazis are exposed and it makes it to the major news outlets, chances are it appeared here first):

The ARC Collective

Mack Lamoureux, in collaboration with other journalists, has been doing excellent investigative reporting on the far right in Canada, including The Base.

General news sites:

The Narwhal

The Tyee

Press Progress
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Toronto twitter:
Matt Elliot
Steve Munro
Gord Perks
Lauren Pelley
Jennifer Pagliaro
Vicky Mochama

Toronto / Ontario / National:
Tabatha Southey
Jesse Wente
Denise Balkissoon
Carissima Mathen
Supriya Dwivedi
THIS Magazine

My twitter is feed is full SuperTuesday right now, once it clears up i'll probably come up with more.
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Oh! And Sandy Hudson and Nora Loreto are great.
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Press Progress

I mean, only if you want to read the party organ of the NDP. No judgment if you do (really), but they are more "partisan publication" than "newspaper with an ideological bent".
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I mean, only if you want to read the party organ of the NDP. No judgment if you do (really), but they are more "partisan publication" than "newspaper with an ideological bent".

Good caveat, for sure. Speaking as someone who's never been a member of the party and has no partisan allegiance to it, I included it because in the short term anyway, it's pretty hard for it to be wrong about Doug Ford or Jason Kenney.
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Kim Tallbear is very good. I like Amber Dawn, the poet out of Vancouver.
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Good economic analysis:

Progressive think tank Maytree Foundation

I won't link to them but a millions reporters like Mike Crawley (CBC Queen's Park), Travis Dhanraj (Global Queen's Park), Ben Spurr (Toronto Star Transit), Oliver Moore (G&M Transit)

Toronto City Hall :
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Was this inspired by the Beaverton, perhaps?

You'll come across the National Observer if you read/listen to enough Canadaland. They have broken a lot of stories. Sandy Garossino is great.
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Response by poster: Heh, no anthill, I had never seen that particular Beaverton article before I read it via your link. And I can name my own MP, MPP, and Toronto councillor, plus some others.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. I've followed nearly everyone you recommended on Twitter and added the links for the publications you recommended to my Media favourites folder. My newsfeed is already skewing much more Canadian. I think I may set myself the assignment of posting one Canadian news-related item to my Facebook page every day.
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