unable to add two Firefox add-ons
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i have a desktop computer with windows 10 and the current version of the firefox browser. i am unable to add two specific firefox add-ons and get the error message "the add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure."

the add-ons are for amazon shopping and the beta version of the firefox private network. i tried starting my computer in safe mode and the add-ons got the error message. i tried uninstalling ad-block plus, but they still wouldn't work. i wrote to mozilla but have no idea how long it will be until i get a response. do you have any idea what is causing the problem?
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Lemme take a look.
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It turns out we’re super paranoid (due to painful past experience) about addons, so there’s a feature under the hood in Firefox that requires us to use our trusted internal certificates instead of anything added, either to FF or to the OS, to validate the connection to the addons server. In some cases on Win10, with some third party antivirus software that effectively runs a “man in the middle” attack on your connections in order to monitor your encrypted traffic, this means our addons validation tool doesn’t trust the path to the AMO server. The error you see is the result of that.

For what it’s worth I recommend using only the Windows Defender AV that ships with Win10 if you have that option, though I recognize that not everyone does.

(I work for Mozilla, thanks for using Firefox!)
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Oh, how to fix it, right. If you’ve got an AV installed and you can’t change that, that’s the problem, lemme memail you. It’s one of those things that’s in the product and you can probably find it if you google hard enough, but we don’t want the whole world flipping that switch, it’s just a hair less that the best safety we can offer by default, and that’s where we prefer to keep people.
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mhoye, thank you for whatever you do at Mozilla. Love your browser.

No one needs more than Defender on Windows, that plus a touch of common sense.
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