Nightlife in/around Katsushika City, Tokyo?
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I’m spending 5 nights at a hostel in Katsushika City, in Tokyo! I’ve read that this area is really quaint and quiet, with lots of temples and such, and not very much nightlife. Does anybody have some good recommendations for bars or restaurants I should go to that are somewhat close via the train? All the places I wanna go to are an hour away, so I’m gonna find a night to go to a few of them. In the mean time, what can I do at night around Katsushika?
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Where are you staying? "City" names like Katsushika refer to really large, spread-out areas, so the important thing is what station(s) are you near.
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Response by poster: I’m off of Aoto Station!
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Best answer: Oh, okay, you're only 11 minutes by train from Tokyo Skytree, and there are a lot of restaurants there, a few bars, and some interesting things to see.

I'm a big fan of Skytree (although I've never been up to the overpriced observation deck). Some of the attractions include the Japan Postal Museum, a robotics museum with free admission, a local crafts center, a very good food hall, and lots of interesting shopping, including a food-model store and a store selling hundreds of kinds of artisanal salt.

(I wrote up some of my favorite spots here:

As for restaurants in Skytree, Bincho has good grilled eel, Rikyu has good Sendai-style grilled beef tongue, Rokurinsha is a celebrated tsukemen ramen shop, and the food hall (Food Marche) has a little eat-in corner where you can eat any of the ready-made food that you buy there. The World Beer Museum serves beers from around the world and it might be mildly entertaining, and there's also an Asahi Super Dry bar on the 30th floor that has a few decent beers on offer.

If you like contemporary art, you're about 18 minutes away from Bakurocho, which has the biggest collection of small, independent galleries in town. There are some good bars and restaurants near there as well, including Nikuzushi, which serves very good meat sushi and sake.
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Best answer: There are a couple of older yokocho (drinking alleys) nearby that look like they'd be fun to explore.

You're one stop away from Tateishi with food stalls and a run-down Nonbei Yokocho (Drunkard's Alley - not the famous one in Shibuya). And 15 minutes away from Nomiya Yokocho in Kitasenju.
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Well the trains are still crowded and people are still going out to eat and drink. Some museums are closed and some are open. There are far fewer tourists around, especially from China. Not quite business as usual, but not the Zombie Apocalypse either.
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Best answer: I'd say Hoppy Street in Asakusa might be the best bet for a nearby yokocho with a lot of atmosphere. I've looked at Tateishi and it feels kind of grim, with people drinking from morning; visiting from outside feels like poverty tourism.

Keep in mind that for the most part, drinking in a yokocho is all about the atmosphere and cheap prices, and usually the food and drink aren't very good.
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Response by poster: Oh don’t get me misconstrued, I’m 100% down with inappropriate drinking hours, and cheap drinks.
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Best answer: Agree with umami dearest. Hit Bakurocho.
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Best answer: I’m 100% down with inappropriate drinking hours, and cheap drinks.

Haha, same here! It's just that Tateishi in particular didn't seem like it would be much fun, or very accessible for a non-Japanese speaker. But it's certainly close enough to check out on your way somewhere else, and it's a bit livelier than Aoto.
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Best answer: Near Bakurocho (one stop before, from Aoto, it seems), Asakusabashi has some decent places, and along the Sobu train tracks (they’re the elevated east west train tracks), there are a bunch of bars and places to drink along that way heading west towards Akihabara. From Akihabara, you can go south to Kanda, which has a good number of places for drinking, or north to Ameyoko (south of Ueno station) which has a bunch of standing bars along the train tracks (Yamanote line), though it is pretty solidly touristy. Not sure what it’s like right now, but if you’re at all nervous about super crowded places right now, that might not be your cup of tea.

I’m more of a craft beer geek, so the only recommendations I can really make fall in line with that. Along the Sobu line close to Akihabara there’s an iBrew which has 47 taps and is usually focused on Japanese craft beer. Down by Kanda, there’s Tap x Tap, Craft Beer Market Kanda, Kara Kuri, Himalaya Table (great Nepalese/Indian with craft beer) and a couple other places. Craft beer here is sort of pricey here though, so just be aware of that.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the suggestions! I’m adoring Tateishi and my limited Japanese is working out okay so far.
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Oh that's good to hear! I may have to reconsider my opinion....
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Response by poster: It’s cute!
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