iTunes won't shuffle to downloaded videos shared from another Mac
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I share music and videos from one Mac's iTunes to another, but the second one, when shuffling, will only play iTunes Store purchased videos, not others.

I have two MacBooks. My main one, running 10.14 Mojave, contains my iTunes library of music and videos. In iTunes it has "Share my library on my local network" enabled. My old Macbook, running 10.11 El Capitan, is connected to the TV.

On my old Macbook I can access iTunes playlists that are on my main Macbook and play music and videos fine. Everything works as expected, except one thing...

Using the old MacBook's iTunes, if I have shuffle enabled, then it will never shuffle on to videos that I've downloaded myself and put into iTunes - it will only play videos that I've purchased in the iTunes Store.

If shuffle isn't enabled, iTunes will happily progress forwards through both kinds of videos - purchased and not.

Audio files can be played with shuffle, whether purchased or not.

It only refuses to shuffle onto non-purchased video files. Why?! This makes no sense to me and it's infuriating. I can't think what to try.
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Best answer: Six weeks or so later and I realised this inability to shuffle music videos also happened in the iTunes that contains my library - not just when accessing via a different Mac. i.e. if I have a playlist of Music Videos in iTunes and play it with Shuffle on, the only videos that play are those purchased in the iTunes Store.

So I Googled again and found the solution – if I do "Get Info" on a video, and go to "Options", there's a checkbox for "Skip when shuffling". For some reason, every MP4 video I'd ever imported into iTunes has that checked! If I "Select All" videos, and uncheck that box... it works! Hallelujah!
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