Corn remover pads that STAY ON!
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I have a corn on the bottom of my foot and it hurts! I've already gone through a whole pack of the Dr. Scholl's corn remover pads (the style like a band-aid with a cushion/medication in the center) because they won't stay on my feet for more than a couple of hours. Help!

I don't know if my feet sweat more than normal or if I move my feet around too much, but the directions say to keep the pad on for 1-2 days. They do not stay on that long,so I need to keep replacing them, which is expensive! Surely they make some that actually stay on, right? What should I get?

(Bonus question; how can I avoid getting corns in the future? My shoes aren't too tight or ill fitting in any way...)
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Have you tried duct tape? It REALLY sticks to the spot. I've used it to banish Plantar Warts, and I have seen on the interwebz that it can work for corns, as well. I used a brand-name duct tape and a new pair of cheap scissors. I trim off the corners so they won't catch on anything, slap it on and go about my day. Change when necessary. YMMV, but this has been a great solution for me.
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I'd use duct tape over the pad, or get some cloth medical tape. You may have to wrap tape all around your foot.
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I've had the misfortune of getting a minor wound in the palm of my hand and had the same issue with not being able to have any bandage stick for any significant length of time. What worked for me is 3M Nexcare bandages, which pretty much become a second skin and they're not coming off unless you work to peel them off. They also have the adhesive in tape form which might work better for you since you already are using the corn removers.
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Try Tegaderm to get things to stick for longer periods of time. I've never tried it with those, but I've tried it with gel scar pads or just general wound care.

I was having what I thought were corns and went to the podiatrist eventually. They weren't corns but it was Porokeratosis. This isn't what you asked specifically, but have you been diagnosed? I spent a small mint on corn removal pads and the clogged sweat glands kept happening over and over.
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My favorite medical tape is Medipore from 3M. It sticks really well and is supposed to be water resistant, it's quite thin and breathable too. Comes in perforated squares, so easy to get a small patch.
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Best answer: 3M's Micropore tape. A 1" wide roll of the tan stuff will do the trick.

I have to tape medical devices to myself and have them last through endurance bike races: rain, sweat, grime, movement, etc.
  • Medipore, mentioned above by Crystalinne, is good though it sometimes lacks on damp or sweaty skin.
  • Medipore H sticks notably better; that's the stuff I keep in my first aid bags for backpacking, trips, etc. If you gotta have just one tape, it's a good choice.
  • Blenderm feels stiff and plastic-y but is excellent for sticking down the fabric edges of sensors, etc.; it suffers in the damp.
  • Transpore is a stickier version of Blenderm: works better but not usually worth the hassle of removing it
  • Micropore: simply amazing
Micropore is soft and paper-thin and initially feels like it won't stick to your skin very well. There's something about the adhesive that reminds one of a strong post-it note. But smooth it on and within a few minutes the moisture of your skin turns it into a second skin. And the good news is that it doesn't hurt to peel off! (See where it falls on the 3M medical tape chart on page 4 here. It's "lower adhesion" on dry skin and "higher adhesion" on wet skin; low risk of skin damage.)

I've also used it to tape down moleskin on my feet when hiking and tape wart pads on the side of a toe. This last one may be directly relevant to your situation: I cut the adhesive wings off the wart pads so it was just the center goop and a bit of adhesive around it. Then I taped over that with the Micropore tape. It sticks, it stays put, and it's not a hassle to remove.

Side note: I've given everyone in my group at work a small roll of the stuff and they now all use it. Our mechanical engineer generally has several strips of it on his fingers or fingertips from nicks and such. One of our programmers used it to protect a busted fingernail while it healed. Etc. I sometimes feel like I'm a zealot for the world's most boring cult.
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A strip of KT tape (or any brand of that kinesio sports strapping tape) over the pad. That stuff is the only kind of tape or plaster I've ever found actually stays stuck to palms or soles.
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Response by poster: Holy shit, introp, I just got some of that Micropore tape. Consider me a convert to your cult!
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