Referrals to Explainer Articles on Trump and Brexit
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I am looking for a reference to what you feel is the single best, most simply written, yet most accurate "explainer" article for why enough Americans voted for Donald Trump and why enough British citizens voted for Brexit. (For your answers, please only provide one per each, not multiple links; what you feel is the single best.)

I have been thinking very unkindly about Trump and Brexit voters, much as I did Dubya voters a very long time ago.

While I think it unlikely I'd change my position on either issue, I'd like the best explanations I can find from the opposite side.

I doubt discussing the issues themselves in the comments would be productive, so I'd ask more links to what you feel is the best explainer articles from the opposite side on each issue, rather than arguing or summarizing them in the comments.
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I really liked this piece on Brexit in a historical context by Robert Saunders of Queen Mary, University of London

blogspot post
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Definitely the "Where's my Elephant" Theory of History
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For me, Cracked always comes through.
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The good ones are by historians, not journalists. I like Brexit is a necessary crisis – it reveals Britain’s true place in the world by David Edgerton.
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From someone who lives among them, the cracked article from Melismata hits a nerve.
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This is an apologia for generally (very) right-wing thought, rather than those particular votes, but as a liberal I found it lastingly enlightening -
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The ANDREW marr show introduction the Sunday after the vote. Should be on YouTube.
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Not a single article, but a series of videos: Anywhere But Westminster. Perhaps not an explainer as such, but some good insights into the lives and worldviews of the people whose votes led to Brexit.
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Listen Liberal by Thomas Frank. This guardian article by the author is a bit of a synopsis of the book.
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Mueller’s report is a warning – and Britain won’t listen (Carole Cadwalladr, Guardian Opinion, Mar. 30, 2019)
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Britain needs its own Mueller report on Russian ‘interference’ (Glenn R Simpson and Peter Fritsch, Guardian Opinion, Dec. 12, 2019)
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A Scarcity Mindset.
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