How can I find an English → Aramaic translator?
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My fiancée and I are writing our own ketubah text and would like to hire a translator to express about 350 English words in the dialect of Aramaic in which traditional ketubot are written.

Ideally we'd get a high-quality translation that captures the nuances of our text, which echoes the feminist parts of the traditional one and then veers off in a social-justice--focused way. We are willing to pay accordingly.

After trawling through a lot of SEO spam, I found, but he isn't taking new custom work of this kind at the moment.
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I've written to the woman who did your translation into Aramaic about fifteen years ago to see if she's still doing that work. I'll report back when I hear from her.
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Have you explored university graduate programs? I imagine a PhD student would be a great fit for this,. A university near me posts their grad students, another I found searching "Aramaic PhD" does so as well. I imagine many do the same. Sending relevant students an email -- you found them through google, you're looking for an Aramaic translation -- would probably get you a good answer; PhD students generally love a straightforward side gig.
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I have not heard back from the translator. If I do, I will post.

In the mean time, I'll second quadrilateral's suggestion. My translator attended Harvard Divinity School.
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