In the Mood for (Hearing) Love
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I'm looking for fictional podcasts/radio dramas that tell a story about a romantic relationship. I would like it to have immersive sound effects, so not just a straight up audiobook, and I definitely want it to be a two-hander - I just want to hear hours of intimate conversations between lovers! I love slow burns and I hate investigations/murder stories. Currently I'm listening to Where This Service Will Separate, and I loved the dialogue in the game Firewatch. I need more love!
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There's a bit of that immersive sound experience in Michelle Parisi's Alone: A Love Story. Not sure if it really meets the criterion of lovers talking to each other and it's not fictional but fictionalized. Great podcast though.

Great question.
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Esther Perel’s where should we begin is a real life couples therapy session and it is fantastic. Light on the sound effects and totally real people, so heavy at times, but great.

On edit: I breezed past the fictional part reading the request but still, It’s a very good a podcast about relationships.
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The Shadows is very well done, although I don't think it 100% conforms to your requirement about it being a two-hander. And while it's certainly "a story about a romantic relationship," it's not really a romance, in the "romance novel" sense. Not sure if that fits what you're looking for or not.
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