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I'm looking for a company that basically does the same as only in a different paper size (A4 or A5).

I like to get my images archive printed out in books. So far, has been the only company I could find online that handles full colour. The binding options look great and so does the price. The only problem is that they only handle US paper size standards. I really would like to print out the books in DIN standard size. Is there an alternative for, here in Europe maybe? [I'm aware that most kinko-like shops and chains offer this service, but their prices are nowhere near lulu's]
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You don't say much about your requirements, for example do you want them to print from a PDF you provide (not many seem to support that)? If you just want to upload your pictures, arrange them into a book and get it printed there are loads of services like this, even in Europe.
I have used recently, the quality was very nice (about what one might expect from a coffee table book; I chose the photo book option which is printed using an on-demand press like, they also offer a photo album done on photo paper), and delivery was about 2-3 days. They only offer spiral bound though.
Pixbook and mypixmania offer other binding options at somewhat higher prices.
If you do want to do your own layout etc., viovio may be an alternative to lulu though they also operate from the US (so slow, expensive shipping)
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Response by poster: Thanks Morbuto, a quick browse through the suggested sites look hopeful. (I'm at work, now) To answer your questions: I can deliver my pages in pretty much any common file format. Printing quality is important as is glossy paper. You're right about the 'albums', but what I try to avoid is big bulky books. The paperback binding or even a modest spiral binding is what I am looking for.
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Also try the photobook option on Blurb. Not sure what size paper that is, but it might work for someone who is looking for a similar solution.
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