Seeking snowflake shopping/inventory app
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Looking for an app for managing shopping list with spouse. Snowflakes inside.

1. Must: An android app
2. Must: be possible to share between two phones
3. Bonus points: I find it confusing when shopping apps organise by aisle because it never matches our actual aisles, I would prefer no such feature or the ability to turn it off
4. Bonus points: Big snowflake 1 is that I don't want binary have/don't have or, even worse, just a list of what we don't have. I want to be able to keep a list of every item we might want to buy, and then mark it as "critically low/out", "running low", "normal", "plenty" (or some equivalent system). Ideally I could then sort or these categories - That way I can both see at a glance what I must buy this shopping trip, and also decide if a given item (ie on sale) is worth stocking up on...
5. Bonus points: Big snowflake 2 is that I'd like to be able to keep notes for each item. Or really just one note - a note to myself what an excellent, decent, or bad price for the item is.
6. Low priority: it would be nice to also have some way to check off items as I get them during a shopping trip - even just toggling a checkmark that isn't saved afterwards.
7. low priority: If it automatically updated the categories from 4 by bumping up a category when I indicated something was bought, that would be cool.

I doubt this dream app exists, but which shopping list app is closest to it?
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I think Mighty Grocery might address all of those requirements, though perhaps not to your satisfaction. As a user of it for several years, I can say for certain that it meets 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Regarding 4 and 7, the pantry feature would seem to match up with your needs to some extent, though we don't make use of it ourselves.
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(Turning off grouping by aisles per #3 is described here.)
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I think you could do this in Google Sheets. Instead of naming your categories with just a word, rank those as "0-Must buy" "1-Running Out" "2-Normal" "3-Plenty". That way you can sort by the column and the Must Buys will be first, the Running Outs second, etc. You can even make it a drop down box so those are the only categories allowed in the column.

For your checkbox and inventory update, you can insert a column, mark it with an X in the rows you purchased, and then filter for X. Now you would have just the records that need updating, so you would change them to either Normal or Plenty. Then you can remove the filter and delete the column.
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The other thing about using a spreadsheet is that you can make everything match your actual aisles by adding an aisle column.
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Google Keep is a great option for this. It's not very grocery specific, but it's very easy to keep a list of things in any order you want, with any extra text you want, and then check them off and later uncheck them all.
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AnyList will do everything but 7.

Categories can be edited, deleted, and reordered however you like. There is a main list where you can cross things off. Each list type has a “favorites” list where you could keep your pantry items. You could create categories for need level or indicate with a note.

My husband and I share a grocery list. If he adds something while I’m shopping, the app will notify me.
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I love AnyList, I have used it for 4-5 years, I pay for the iOS Family version. If the kids need something add to the list, Notice we are low on something, add it to the list, and since we all have it, when any of us are at the designated store, any of us can pick it up.
I also have lists I share only with my SO, or my daughter. Some are not grocery specific but household needs, books, games, etc
I also use it for recipes and menu planning
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