In search of specific Mexico City lodging recommendations
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My husband and I will be traveling to Mexico City from Saturday, March 14 to Thursday, March 19. We have already booked a room at the Red Tree House for the last two nights, and so we need a place for the first three nights. Do you have a specific recommendation?

I've reviewed past AskMe questions with some good recommendations, but there haven't been many recent answers with specific recommendations, more just references to general neighborhoods. I would love to hear recommendations of specific hotels, bed and breakfasts, or specific Airbnbs.
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I really liked Casa Jacinta in Coyoacán. Depends where you want to stay, I guess. It's been a couple of years since the last time we stayed there.
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Love Chaya B&B near the historic center and right off the park for its design sense. Love the building/design and staff at El Patio 77, but it's a bit farther from town and I didn't find the neighborhood too exciting.
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I had a very nice stay at Maria del Alma in Coyoacán last spring. The owner is charming and his partner is a gourmet chef; the included breakfasts were phenomenal.
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Inexpensive, clean, minimal, safe, great location La Casita de Coyoacán.
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I stayed at Red Tree House on my first two visits to CDMX, but have stayed in various AirBnBs on subsequent visits. Red Tree House became too popular for me to book unless I planned my trips much further in advance than I'd like. My favorite AirBnB was above Tout Chocolat on Amsterdam in Condesa. Pretty easy to find if you're interested.

I have seen Hotel Stanza recommended quite a bit on the various Mexico City forums as a good no frills hotel in a great location in Roma Norte.
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My partner and I stayed at this Airbnb in the Condesa neighborhood in 2018. Definitely recommend, both the apartment and the area. Have a great time! CDMX is amazing.
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Hotel La Casona is delightful, and in a lovely neighborhood. Enormous big bathrooms and quirky rooms. Several tucked away sitting rooms around the building. Make sure you head right upstairs to the rooftop garden, which is peaceful and serene. There's a good coffee shop right next door and great restaurants on the same street.
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Nearby Red Tree House is the very nice Casa Comtesse. I stayed there several nights 1.5 years ago and have recommended it often.
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I've stayed twice at La Querencia DF. It is small and basic and is slowly being renovated. There is a great breakfast included and it's in Roma Lita very close to Chapultepec Metro.
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We had really lovely stays at Hotel CondesaDF and Downtown Mexico.
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We enjoyed Chalet del Carmen in Coyoacan. Friendly and pretty quiet. We had a kitchenette if that's appealing. Breakfasts were good pastries, fruit and coffee.
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Seconding the Hotel CondesaDF. It was a little spendier than we usually go for, but it was lovely, and La Condesa is a cool neighborhood. Had some friends who stayed somewhere in the Roma Norte neighborhood and also had a really great time. Have fun!
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