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A person signed up to my facebook event that I don't know.... their profile is filled with pictures of celebrities and dozens of comments on each one saying lb. it's just lb. What is this?

So I get that lb is like back, which is an Instagram thing, right? (Googling seems to be the case). I was originally excited because their profile picture was Ha Ji-Won so I thought, we can talk about shows! I realized there was literally nothing in their profile but five pictures of celebrities and streams of comments from people saying lb, lbdp, and rb3; mostly just lb. This person has a lot of facebook friends and when I click on any of the friends it's all the same thing. There are no posts that seem to indicate this is a real person, and clicking on friends of friends of friends just churns up an ocean of similar accounts that have only pictures and comments of "lb".

So I have two questions; one is whether this is likely to be a real person and if so is this a sign they are in some sort of marketing scheme and trying to come to real in person groups for some sort of reason like that? I'm not really too concerned, but this is a small family oriented gathering I host, which while open to the public, I feel protective of. Are they trying to install malware if people click on the links or what?

Two: I'm just completely curious what this is. What is happening? I don't have an Instagram and perhaps I'm out of touch so maybe I just don't understand "the kids these days" lol. What does lbdp stand for, what does rb3 stand for, and what is this group of people getting out of endless loop of people liking each others pictures, most of which are not even their own pictures? Do they get some sort of financial perks from this? Is this a business their in? Do people really just enjoy clicking on streams of celeb pictures and clicking "like" then commenting "like back" over and over?

I'm just so confused. These strange ways of the worlds....
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Seems highly weird. I wouldn't think twice about removing them from the event. Is that possible?
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I appreciate your response Amanda- it looks like whatever is going on it's not a person genuinely interested in this group- however I didn't want to kick someone if this was just some phenomenon I don't understand. I confess I still want to know what the abbreviations mean lol.
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These are commenting bots designed to make this look like an active real profile. It is not.
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If they're a real person -- which I doubt -- who really wants to go to your event, when they get booted they can message you to ask what's up.
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An fb account with lots of friends and likes has some cash value because the likes and friends give it credibility. It can be sold and renamed and used commercially. I'd unfriend, unfollow, and move on.
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theora55 is probably exactly right. And I'm guessing that liking events, liking posts, making comments and adding friends helps disguise the account as a real person so booting them is a service. You can also go the distance and report the account as a fake. As I have gotten involved in attempting to safeguard my MIL's f'book account from malicious activity, I've done a lot of reporting of fake accounts. They are either removed fairly swiftly or removed from my view swiftly (hard to say).
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That is so helpful to know. I have another facebook group that I require people to answer the questions to join which prevents that I think, I might need to do that with this one.
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