DC April Roadtrip
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Where should we go for an April weekend roadtrip in the DC area?

I'm visiting a friend who goes to school in Washington D.C. for Easter weekend (April 13-17) and we want to drive somewhere fun and relaxing for the weekend. Unfortunately, we're a month early for beach season or Rehoboth/Ocean City would be our choice -- I don't mind the cooler weather and not being able to swim, but I'd be worried that it would be a ghost town with nothing else to do. Anybody have any experience at area beaches in April?

Also, any other suggestions for weekend getaways within 3-4 hours from DC would be wonderful! We like outdoorsy stuff (hiking, biking, kayaking), history/museums (been to Williamsburg), scenic drives, good music (but a hot nightlife isn't necessary), and walking and exploring rustic/cute little towns and places.
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Four suggestions in Virginia: the Eastern Shore, Floyd, Richmond, or Irvington. All make great weekend trips.
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There are plenty of great wineries in Virginia, all within driving distance of DC, and make for beautiful picnic spots. Or in the other direction, Baltimore has my favorite museum, the American Visionary Art Museum.
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Other than the shore, everything you mention can be found — in spades — in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
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Gettysburg is a short drive north of DC (1.5 hours from downtown) and it is lovely old town....
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Find a nice B&B and go to Annapolis, MD. It has tons of nice seafood restaurants, music, you can tour the Navel Academy. Lots of shops in a quaint downtown. Beautiful scenery -- take a boat tour.

Annapolis is one of my favorite places.
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About two hours northeast of Washington is a beautiful place called Rocks State Park. Probably one of my favorite nature places to go in the MD/DC area.

It should give you an entire day worth of hiking and has the unusual distinction of being home to the waterfall from the 2002 adaptation of Tuck Everlasting, which you can swim in if it's not too cold.

On the way back you can even stop in Baltimore for dinner at the harbor.

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If you're looking for relaxing, go on a long slow road trip through the Shenandoah valley. Loop up through West Virginia on your way back. It's beautiful.

Stay here.
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Check out Canaan Valley in W. Virginia, about a 4 hour drive from DC. It's beautiful country with 4-season availability - skiing in winter to hiking and mountain bike riding in the summer.
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Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you
Look away, you rollin’ river
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If you decide to cruise the wineries, you might be interested in my minireviews.
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I agree with bim re: Annapolis. But don't discount Rehoboth. The boardwalk might be closed, but there's a ton of upscale restaurants w/ nightlife etc. In some ways, its much more enjoyable off season because you don't have to deal with the crush of beachgoers...
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