A window into his soul... or, Trump clips that need no context
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I am looking for short clips (preferably on YouTube) that showcase some of Trump's quotes that show who he is as a person but that also need no background knowledge of US politics or US daily life. Stuff like "windmills causing cancer" or "it is an island surrounded by water" not "lock her up". This is for a friend of mine.

When Trump's policies or speeches are reported on in my country, he seems to get the benefit of translation (where the ramblings are distilled into a plausible statement) and lack of context. Just by reading our national papers, he seems and sounds like a regular US politician.

I am looking for short snippets of Trump interviews that show him as a person - his character and his mind. There are plenty of "crazy Trump quotes" on YouTube but they rely heavily on context and will fly right over the head of someone who does not follow US news.

A good example of what I am looking for is the interview where he was asked about God and started talking about his properties instead - even though it was a bit long. Or the windmill ramble. I have heard so many but when I try to recall specific ones I draw a blank. There is obviously the one on the bus but it's a bit graphic so I'd like to include less graphic ones.

John Oliver has plenty of great ones but they are all embedded in a longer piece each time so not practical to show someone.

I am not looking for written quotes, just clips.
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Best answer: Trump Is Looking Into Toilet Flushing
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Trump blasts 'Parasite' at rally
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No monologue but I always think the "Doesn't know how to close umbrella" clip is telling.
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Best answer: What a stupid question that is.
The whole clip is a little long, but the video is just a few seconds in and is pretty short.
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Best answer: I don’t think there’s a more accurate illustration of who he is than the video where he mocks the reporter.
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I Know Words, I Have The Best Words
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Response by poster: These are great, please keep them coming!

I agree that just the "stupid question" one alone gives insight into what kind of person he is but would also love more examples.
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A (somewhat long) look into Trump's sense of style.

An Economy Based On Wind.

Light Bulbs and Dishwashters.

Some of the political tapes might more easily understood if you know what kind of error you are looking at. Often, it's the Dunning-Kruger effect summarized "if you don't know about something, you don't know enough to know that you don't know." Trump really doesn't understand the nature of expertise and the extent to which true experts know stuff that ordinary people don't know. So when he has what he thinks is a bright idea, he thinks he can show off by talking about it, but often, it's just a commonplace thought. This also leads him to appoint unqualified people into important jobs. A perfect example of this was the appointment of Rick Perry (who couldn't find hydrogen and helium on a periodic table) to replace Ernest Moniz (a nuclear physicist) as Secretary of Energy.
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Response by poster: Some of the political tapes might more easily understood if you know what kind of error you are looking at.

To clarify, this is not for myself but for a friend and I'm looking for examples that require no knowledge of the US and that work on their own without explanation. Any explanation I provide may be biased, therefore I'm looking for examples that truly speak for themselves.

In an example above, Trump argues with a reporter about the Caravan. You cannot understand the exchange without knowing what the caravan was. The main takeaway to my friend will be "Trump was rude to a reporter". I'm looking for disqualifying stuff that was captured on tape, like ignorance of sixth grade science facts or obvious immorality. The friend in question knows churchgoers in America like Trump and so thinks he cannot be so bad?

Of note, making fun of politicians' appearance, sense of style, weird hair is not really a thing in my country and won't impress my friend.

I know it's hard to convince someone but my friend is open to changing their mind.
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