Egg Noodles or Rice?
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I'm braising some short ribs and wonder what I should serve them over.

Beef short ribs braised at º225 for 8 hours. Seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt and a little brown sugar. I also added a chopped-up large onion, a handful of chopped potato, and a handful of baby carrots. There was a glug of olive oil in the braising pan, and about a 1/3 cup of red wine added.

My plan is to pull the meat and add some Bisto and mushrooms to the pot to make a quasi-pan sauce.

The question is this: Serve over rice or extra-wide egg noodles?
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Oh, and I also chopped up half a serrano pepper and threw in there with the braise, in case it makes a difference.
posted by valkane at 12:48 PM on February 22, 2020

third option: polenta. But if you are limited to those two, I'd say egg noodles every time.
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Egg noodles.
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We were saying here: grits or polenta.
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Mashed potatoes. But if you are limited to noodles or rice, yeah probably noodles.
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Egg noodles will be glorious and all these other people can keep their culinary pretensions to themselves to enjoy.
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As an Asian person I would gravitate toward the rice and I’d probably eat this with kimchi.

But I flipping love egg noodles and they are hard to find in the UK so I’d be tempted with that just for the novelty.

You really can’t go wrong either way and I feel like you’ve only posted this question to show off to everyone about your glorious dinner.
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For a cooking adventure, make German spaetzle.
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As a humblebrag, yeah, it qualifies. But honestly, I was torn. My wife is asian, and the more rice I involve is welcome. Anyway, I went with noodles, and everyone here was right. They were more intrinsic to the dish, and yeah, it was good.

but yeah, now I want to do spaetzle and polenta.
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