Safe/interesting coffee/food between Illinois and Indiana?
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A friend and I are going to maybe "meet in the middle." I'm in northern-ish Illinois and they're in northern-ish Indiana. A vertical line passes approximately between us through Gary, IN. Does anyone have recommendations for low-key but non-chain food or coffee within a 10-20 mile radius around Gary, IN? Or even a favorite, safe-/clean-feeling, franchise-chain-filled highway oasis?
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I've been to two really nice local diners in Pullman. Sadly, I can't remember which they were and would be guessing. But, it's a neat town to explore.
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The Three Floyd’s brewpub in Munster is an option.
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Are local chains ok? There are some Schoop’s hamburgers around there. I’ve been to the one in Michigan City.
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The Three Floyd’s brewpub in Munster is an option.
Came here to recommend this.

Other options not too far off: Calumet Fisheries is wonderful and historic, but unfortunately doesn't have seating. There's also a brewpub called Flossmoor Station that's enjoyable.
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Ivy’s Bohemia House in Chesterton has good food, interesting drinks, and a cool, funky setting.
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