Restricted blood flow from repeated IV placement?
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Can repeated IV placement cause scarring that restricts blood flow? I’m having my 6th IV iron infusion today, 2 more to go after that, and had an episode of Reynaud’s last night. I’ve only had a couple before and I think they were close in time to IV infusions (this was a couple of years ago though). Should I ask them to place it somewhere else today?
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Raynaud's is caused by "vasoconstriction of digital arteries and cutaneous arterioles." IVs are placed only in veins. There is no physiologic connection between an IV placement and a Raynaud's episode.

Repetitive punctures of the same vein for IV placement can cause scarring at that location in the vein, absolutely, though it would likely take many more than six punctures with the kind of small gauge IV used in outpatient infusion clinics to cause noticeable problems.

If you have other easily-accessed veins there's certainly no harm in asking your provider to use a different site, but it's probably not necessary.

As always, this is not medical advice and you should make your medical decisions in concert with your treating provider and not because a stranger on the internet told you something.
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Raynaud’s can also come from stress.

I had iron infusions at about the same pace as you, with no ill effect. But if they’re stressing you out because it sucks or needles bother you, then it could flare up Raynaud‘s.

I use to live in Chicago, where it was really cold. When I would visit my family in California for Christmas, my Raynaud’s was so bad I couldn’t sleep. That’s when I realized stress hit me worse than living in Chicago in winter.

FWIW, cinnamon capsules have been the only thing to help with Raynaud’s.
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