who knew youtube was so-darn-trigger-finger-happy?
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Trigger thumb filter: if you managed to reverse your trigger thumb with home care please tell me how you did it!

Oiy, I've joined the trigger thumb club. I overdid playing with a tablet, and now have a painful clicking thumb I can't straighten :-(.

I've been diagnosed, and am on an occupational therapy care regimen (a fitted splint 24/7, taken off every 4 waking hours for massage and stretching). If it doesn't improve within a month and a half, I've been instructed to return for a cortisone injection.

I've been following instructions religiously (for three weeks) and I don't see even an iota of improvement (and have heard from others this did nothing for them). Thing is, I DO NOT WANT cortisone (or anything else for that matter) injected into my hand, so I'm desperate for an alternative.

So, if you have had trigger finger (or know someone who can give you a first hand account) and healed it without injections or surgery - please please please tell me how you did it!


(non-trigger-finger mefites, I KNOW there are multitudes of fix-your-trigger-finger videos on youtube. Thing is, there are SO MANY I cannot possibly try them all, which is why I'm looking for a first hand account).
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I have trigger finger in several fingers, including my thumb. For the thumb, I had the cortisone injection, but I have found that taking CoQ-10 (200mg 1xday) has been very helpful in keeping the other ones from getting clicky/unable to bend.
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I could never ‘fix’ mine with conservative treatment but if it helps to know, the cortisone shot hurts a bunch for a minute, is a little sore after, and then that’s pretty much it. It’s the only thing that ever helped my trigger fingers but it always worked great. I personally would prefer the few minutes of pain from the shot vs the creepy feeling of a trigger finger for one month+. Ymmv!
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Not what you're asking for, but I had surgery for a trigger thumb when I was 5 years old and have had absolutely no afteraffects for 60 years. My understanding of trigger thumb is that it's a mechanical problem - like a ball that's too big to go through a circle. I don't see how any amount of supplements or home therapy is going to cure that. I'd have the surgery - otherwise you're going to be screwing around with it continually in the future. I would not want to have to mess with that.
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