Public garage spaces for bicycles in NYC & Jersey City
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I’d like to hear about bicycle garages — or even better, publicly available climate-controlled bike rooms — with spaces for monthly rental in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Jersey City. Automobile garages that also have spaces for bikes could also qualify. The most important features are 1) protection from the elements 2) some security against theft 3) ease of access during business hours, but 24-hour access would be even better. I’ve checked a couple on this list but they’re pretty exposed to potential thieves or are outrageously priced (as much as it would cost to park a car).
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My understanding is that all NYC parking garages are required to offer one bike parking space for every ~50 car spaces. So why not start with the parking garages nearest you?
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I scrolled through the list and didn't see Oonee listed (apologies if it was) - would that work for you?
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Response by poster: Sorry, my extended question didn't get posted for some reason... This would be for people who are unable to keep their bikes inside their apartments for whatever reason and want to pay for a protected parking spot nearby, just as one might do with a car in a garage on a monthly basis. I'm asking for myself, as well as for several other people around the city who I know are facing this situation at the moment, who don't want to keep bikes locked up on the street at all hours in the elements and at the mercy of potential thieves.

My impression is that Oonee isn't meant for long-term storage like this?
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Best answer: I looked back and saw that you had a bike stolen from a bike room. So sorry, that sucks so much. Longtime cyclist and NYC resident and I honestly don’t think what you’re asking about exists here. The only real secure place to store a bike is in your apartment (or a storage unit). Find a way to hang it, which I know in many situations is not easy. But that may be your best bet.
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