Best sofa bed for both sleeping and sitting
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We want to convert our guest room into a tv room. Give me your best sofa bed recommendations!

We purposely bought a house with enough space to have a dedicated guest room, and put our old mattress on a $50 Amazon bed frame in there for now. But as we’ve settled in to the house, we realized we didn’t like having a room that wasn’t really in use like 95% of the year, so we’d like to turn it into a tv/gaming room and no longer have the tv in the living room.

So we need a sofa bed! We’re planning to live here for multiple decades, so it does not necessarily need to be either cheap or easily movable (which is what most of the other related Asks seem to focus on). Obviously we don’t want to blow our entire savings on this, but our priorities are comfort for both sitting and sleeping. We’d probably be eating dinner on the couch many nights, and our houseguests are often my parents, who can’t sleep on a crappy bed anymore. I like the appeal of Murphy beds, but then we’d have to get separate furniture for sitting, and move it somewhere when people came to stay, which seems less than ideal.

Other requirements: We have a cat, and may one day get a dog, so no leather, and hopefully an easily cleanable covering. Durability is important since we hope to own it for a really long time. Must be deliverable since we don’t have a large enough vehicle to pick one up somewhere. A Full or a Queen size is fine.

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Despite the name American Leather also makes fabric sofas that are SUPER comfortable. There’s no bar in the middle which helps a lot. We’re on year 2.5 of a model similar to this with a cat and multiple house guests (including senior parents) and it still looks brand new. We got ours from Macy’s.
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I recently asked this question about pull-out couches.
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We have an American leather one from room and board (I'm pretty sure it is called Berrin). It folds out to a king size bed. We have overnight guests all the time and everyone seems to quite like it. I think it is much nicer than our living room couch.
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How big is the room? I slammed a sofa in the guestroom with the bed because I already had the bed and then I found this blissfully comfy and beautiful silk sofa but when I got it home I realized it looked stupid in the living room with my grandmother's sofa. (BTW, never buy a beautiful silk sofa--they have, like, fifteen "rubs" max.) It has been nice to have both a sofa and a bed in that room, actually, though it is a little crammedfull. Guests sometimes come in threes, and that's no problem because the third gets the comfy sofa. And it's great to have a bed all made that you can just stagger up to and fall in without having to haul it out of a sofa and struggle with sheets at 3:00 a.m. if you or your partner is coughing uncontrollably or snoring like a beachmaster.
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I really, really hate pull out sofas because of the way they are suspended and the fact that you always end up with a metal bar in your back. Plus they are painful to get in and out of.

I never ended up getting one because my situation changed but I would always prefer something that ends up with a platform under it.

I would look at a Murphy bed that folds over a sofa.

Another option would be a cabinet bed that goes under the tv if that would allow you to open the bed and leave a sofa in place. Depends on the size of the room though.
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Honestly, Lovesac "sectionals" (tacky name, I know) are super comfy. The fact that you can rearrange the pieces so easily makes getting one a great investment.
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Look at the sleeper sofas from Room and Board. They are great as sofas, and the pull out mattresses are very firm so you can’t feel any bar or springs or anything. With a mattress pad, I think they are pretty comfortable to sleep on.
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The Ikea Friheten 3 seater is actually a pretty comfy bed. I actually prefer it as a bed to a sofa. We have one in our family room and we keep it permanently pulled out so we can flop around on it!
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I would echo the recommendation above to check our cabinet beds. They are about the size of a TV entertainment center cabinet-the beds are really comfortbale queen sized mattresses. We are facing the same decision you are and I think we are going to put tv on wall, cabinet bed below, and sectional sofa at other side of room.
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I had an Ikea Holmsund in my Airbnb and guests raved about how comfortable it was. The covers are removable so we bought an extra; helped us avoid stains and it held up well (albeit no pets used it). The way it’s designed means no bars under the mattress.
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Far and away the best sofa I slept on is the one in this video, and it is as easy to open and close as it looks.

I don't know if the company in the video delivers to the US, but these guys seem to.
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Seconding the sleeper sofas from Room and Board. We have one of these, Ian sleeper sofas , which has an inflatable air mattress inside. Very comfortable as both a sofa and a bed.
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We have an American Leather sofabed. One of the great things about it (besides the fact that there is no metal bar) is that it is a true queen size mattress, yet the sofa is only 70" wide and fits between the door and the closet. We got the default AL mattress but they have three options to choose from. It's pretty firm, but I use an Ikea mattress pad on it for a tiny bit more softness.

BTW any of the Room & Board "Day and Night" sofabeds are built by American Leather.

I will say it weighs an enormous amount though- it was delivered and assembled in the room.
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Oops, meant to say because it's a sofabed the seat as a sofa is a little high for my personal comfort, but I tend to sit sideways on the sofa when watching TV anyway. my husband and I have done a lot of TV watching from the sofabed.
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