Firming up from weight loss?
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I've lost some weight (actually, I've lost some fat and gained some muscle so am kinda +/-0). Where I had "hard" fat previously I now have very soft fat and while it is lovely and squishy, if there's something I should be doing to take care of my skin please clue me in.

I don't usually do anything, shower and towel dry, but should I be massaging or compression-wearing or eating/drinking anything specific? Would like to be able to see a little more of my strong new muscles.

(If you feel so inclined, feel free to throw any other things I should be thinking about re having decreased my portion size, increased my activity and dropped a few sizes.)
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Moisturizing is a benefit to the elasticity of your skin.
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definitely moisturize, but that's about all you can do. with time, the skin may tighten up some more, but that depends on your age too.
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In addition to moisturizing, drink plenty of water. I can see a looseness/dryness in the the skin when dehydrated. And the old standard get enough sleep helps your skin too.
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If it's the fat itself hiding the muscles you are concerned about, only losing additional weight / fat will allow you to see the muscle tone you've developed.

Your skin is either going to retighten on it's own or it won't. Moisturizing is helpful, but don't fall for the hype of any topical product to have noticeable effects on skin tightness.

Congrats on your progress! Definitely something to be proud of :)
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Dry brushing has helped some of my friends with loose skin, along with moisturizing and staying hydrating. Definitely keep with the strength training because one of my friends swears that kept the worst of the loose skin at bay for her. Some people swear by emu oil lotion.
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Everything I've heard about loose skin is that it tends to be most noticeable with rapid weight loss. It sounds like you're already losing weight/building muscle at a gradual rate, although you mention losing a couple of sizes—maybe it's just a matter of your skin catching up with your gains over time?

I like using body oil after finishing with a shower to help lock in more moisture, especially in the winter. And one thing that helped me drink more water when I started working out more was having really tasty BCAA and amino powder around to add to my water. Supposed to help with post-workout muscle recovery as well—bonus!
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You can't go far wrong with cocoa butter.
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