What to do with the kids?
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Ideas for a domain name for a site in a major metro area which will provide comprehensive and detailed information on what to do with your kids on any given day.

Kid-friendly or kid-focused events, programs, things to do or places to go broken down into various categories is the idea for the site. Bonus points if the name is generic enough to be ported to other cities in the future. Thanks!
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Playtime.com is taken -- a porn site. ;)
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thedayout.com is available.
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Is Playdate.com taken, or is that just a placeholder site?
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PP, pretty much any address that resolves to *something* is taken, and many that don't also are. A fast way to see if a name is taken is to go to a registrar (like godaddy.com) where you'll find a "Is this name available?" form right on the front page.
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i'm a big fan of name boy for coming up with domain name ideas.
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Create your own word . . .


All via
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familyplay.org (or .net)
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I was going to suggest arewethereyet.com but it's taken. It is for sale - but I fear $10,000 might be too much!

Following on with the theme though, here's some suggestions for things kid say which might be able to be turned into domain names:

I'm bored!
Where are we going?
What can we do?
Can we go to ..... ?

I often think making up a new word is a good idea. Maybe combine a couple of others.

Play, Fun, Entertain, Amuse | Directory, resource, list

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Some name which implies the city is all theirs during the day?


Some name which implies the kids involved are somehow better or more active than other peoples'?


Some name with a slight "get these kids off my hands I'm going crazy" connotation?


And of course the concept can be expanded by cities, you just create "washington.takemykids.com" and "seattle.takemykids.com" when you're ready. So you could start as you mean to go on, as in, if your startup city is NYC, start with newyork.takemykids.com.
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Two asides to choosing a name; you want the name to have just as much, (or more), appeal to the kids as well as the parents. If the kids think it is cool you are halfway home. I would avoid using names that are overly obvious to potential child predators. A sad commentary on our society but a point worth considering.
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I agree with the idea creating your own name. The most successful brands on the Internet are eBay, Google, Yahoo, and Amazon (and not InternetAuctions.com, or search-engine.com or bookstore.com). Invent some fun and silly-sounding word.
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ParentFilter (natch)
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instantdomainsearch.com is your friend. "ratsunrugged.com" is available.
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Heh, parenttrap.net is free.
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playtommorow.com, kidkidkid.com, columbuskids.com (I'm guessing this is for columbus, you didn't say).

And so on.
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whatcanwedotodaymom.com/whatcanwedotodaydad.com - same site, reachable from either domain.
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kidsoutandabout.com is an existing (and very good) site for rochester, NY, but it appears that they have very recently expanded to other metro areas in NY state. this doesn't really answer your question, but might be of interest.
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metrokid.org seems to be available. bigalicious.com funalicious.com Nameboy is big fun.
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