Downsizing: What do I do with my framed artworks?
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Especially after retiring from teaching and bringing my paintings/prints back home, I have almost twenty pieces of art in my basement. The frames are primo. Some of the art is, too. Now what? I'm old. Don't need them.
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Recent college grads would love free (or cheap) art for their new apartments. Source: not-so-recent college grad, still grabby for pretty art for my mostly bare walls.
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If you used them in your classrooms, could you find a young teacher who's just starting out who might be glad to have them?
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Do you have any programs near you that help homeless clients transition into independent housing? The priority is usually more basic furniture and appliances, but maybe they’d be interested in artwork to help turn their residences into a home?
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The two closest public libraries to me have collections of framed prints and original art that they offer for check-out. I've had a spot in my house dedicated to a rotating display of such for years. If a library near you has a similar collection, they may well be interested in adding them if you'd be willing to donate.
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Habitat for Humanity's ReStore would take them.
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Small startup restaurants would be interested.
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I know a retired teacher whose classroom stuff was kind of an institution among his former students. He auctioned some of it off to benefit the school.
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Sell it on Etsy? Or yes, donate it to a charity auction.
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Seconding Etsy, if you’re looking to sell rather than give away. Make sure to list the frames as well as the art in the listing (lots of people buy art just for the frames).
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This depends on what you mean by "primo." If you think any of it is significant and collectible, your first step would be to call a local art appraiser. They exist - if you have any trouble Googling one up, instead call an estate resale company or two and ask for a referral. If you have even one or two things that would sell for a few hundred dollars, this would pay for itself.

With whatever is left over, any of the options above (donate to library, charity auction, eBay) are good. I also have good luck selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace.
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Please donate the less primo stuff to your local thrift or charity shop! Someone will really love it and thanks to you they will be able to afford it!
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